About Us

Pulse of the City News We are taking this opportunity to provide our readers some insight into what we are about and why we are doing what we do. The Pulse of the City News and The Stirling Center folks have had a lifetime of experience in the real estate, building and construction fields; in news and publishing; and in the legal profession. We have all had our experience as customers as well — some very remarkable, even joyous ones and…well, some that were not so positive shall we say. We have come to value and even treasure excellence in service on many different levels, and hope to expand service excellence to the betterment of our communities and yes, to the enrichment of businesses and individuals who deliver it.

We note that far too many building and construction projects give rise to disputes, anger and a sense of not getting what was bargained for or deserved, even in situations where the build quality was super. Why?

The industry has long had many participants that produce excellent design, excellent function, excellent builds, and even excellent cost effectiveness. While our industry has no fewer excellent performers than any other field, it is plagued by the highest rate of conflict, controversy, claim, dispute, legal battles, and ultimately discontent and distaste for the experience. This is true on both the residential and the commercial side of the business. It is true whether we focus on the design and engineering part of the process, the sales components, or the construction itself.

We don't have all the answers, but we observe that many areas of retail endeavor have come to focus on the “customer experience” under a variety and evolving range of names. Some fields of our everyday commercial life as consumers have been radically changed during the past several years in what is a veritable revolution of awareness by companies of the importance of creating and maintaining a customer-driven culture in their operations. And some of them are so good to buy from that they win their customers' business over and over again.

The building and construction industry has its Stars in that regard, but by and large has been deaf to the “customer care revolution.” Part of the deafness has been a lack of attention to the value and benefit of an emphasis on customer satisfaction in contrast to getting the bricks and mortar stuff done right. There just aren’t many voices in the industry talking about it. And industry members have enough challenges with the complexity of the building process itself without mixing in the completely different set of considerations surrounding end-user satisfaction not only with the end result (and its cost and time frame of course) but also the process of getting there, which constitutes the “experience” for the client.

So we decided to step up and see what we could do about it. This common interest unites the participants in Pulse and The Stirling Center. We intend to spread enhanced customer experience in the building and construction industry by several steps:

  • We find it through researching, rating and recognizing the Stars in the field (with our unparalleled research and rating process)
  • We also learn about it from those Stars
  • And we report on that learning to all who are interested
  • We also provide resources (through The Stirling Center) to everyone who wishes to improve their own customer experience
  • We promote and reward the Stars in the field to help them grow and expand their excellence
  • Finally, we foster the development of more Star performers for the betterment of the industry, its participants and the individuals behind those Stars.

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