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Experience Since 1996

With in-depth experience reporting on the real estate and construction industries since 1996, our writers, editors and publishers have come together with a team of subject matter experts in the field of customer service to shine a light on the importance of the customer experience in the building and construction industry.

To date, it is widely accepted that customer experience in the building industry is defined by how well a building project is completed. Rarely is it discussed how the process was managed and if the overall customer experience was a positive one for the building’s owner. In fact, the building and construction industry has one of the highest rates of litigation, disputes and anger as an outcome from projects than almost any other industry.

Becoming Customer Focused

If your company’s leaders are not customer centered, then the teams they put in place to support project management and develop long-term positive relationships with your customers will not be effective. Our Stirling Center for Excellence focuses on leadership, identifying solutions for leaders to become better at providing excellent customer service.

Awarded to the Elite - For Customers Sake

At Pulse of the City News, we are focused on equipping our readers to provide the ultimate customer experience. One way we do this is by linking our readers to those companies that have achieved top ratings for customer service. We perform an annual review of companies, and those with the highest customer satisfaction ratings win our Pulse of the City Award of Excellence.

Our researchers review and analyze thousands of companies, and only a small percentage earns high enough ratings to receive the recognition. With this information our readers can narrow down their choices on which companies to hire for their next project. 

The Pulse of the City News and The Stirling Center folks have had a lifetime of experience in the real estate, building, construction fields; in customer service; news and publishing; and in the legal profession. We have all had our experience as customers as well — some very remarkable, even joyous ones and…well, some that were not so positive shall we say. We have come to value and even treasure excellence in service on many different levels, and hope to expand service excellence to the betterment of our communities and yes, to the enrichment of businesses and individuals who deliver it.




A Focus on the Customer Experience

We don’t have all the answers, but we observe that many areas of retail endeavor have come to focus on the “customer experience” under a variety and evolving range of names. Some fields of our everyday commercial life as consumers have been radically changed during the past several years in what is a veritable revolution of awareness by companies of the importance of creating and maintaining a customer-driven culture in their operations. And some of them are so good to buy from that they win their customers’ business over and over again.


The more specifically, the building and construction industry has its Stars in that regard, but by and large has been deaf to the “customer care revolution.” Part of the deafness has been a lack of attention to the value and benefit of an emphasis on customer satisfaction in contrast to getting the bricks and mortar stuff done right. There just aren’t many voices in the industry talking about it. And industry members have enough challenges with the complexity of the building process itself without mixing in the completely different set of considerations surrounding end-user satisfaction not only with the end result (and its cost and time frame of course) but also the process of getting there, which constitutes the “experience” for the client.

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