Leverage Your Award

Leverage Your Award For Your Business

Tactical ways to leverage your award for growth

The Pulse of the City News rating system measures customer satisfaction in the building and construction industry based on research conducted during the past six years.

It is more than a snapshot of “what did they do last?” Our process separates the reality from the smoke and noise to which many other rating systems succumb. The award reflects countless hours of research from thousands of customer reviews from multiple sources searched in an effort to provide vital information to our readers who are building owners, procurement directors, key estimators and project team leaders in the building and construction industry. And now this valuable recognition is available to you and your business. Click on the links below to see how you can benefit from our research.

Top 5 Benefits of Your Award

The Pulse of the City News researchers continuously update their works with a database that has been building for six years to identify who in the construction industry deserves the highest ratings nationally for customer satisfaction. Now that you have earned this distinction, consider the benefits of it, which include:

  1. Ability to better attract new business by providing assurances of your superiority to prospects.
  2. Provide the same assurance to existing customers, so they know it was the norm not a fluke that they were ultra-satisfied.
  3. Bask in a coveted high rating from a third-party-credible independent research and news organization.
  4. Motivate and incentivize employees to share in the pride of your traditions of service and carry them forward daily.
  5. Improve crucial online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and brand recognition.

The award gives your company a distinct advantage over its competitors. Achieve even higher levels of success by using your award as recommended on this site and by contacting your marketing consultant at Pulse at 866-732-9500 or customercare@PulseoftheCityNews.com. Leaving your award alone on the shelf still makes you an award winner, but without your active engagement highlighting your exclusive status, your inaction causes you to forego much of the potential benefit of the award. The only way you can take advantage of these benefits is to promote your award and start using it.

Value of Our Ratings

It’s a fact that most customers check you out online before “taking a chance on you” — especially the new customers critical to the healthy growth of your business. What do they see when they go online? They see review sites with comments sometimes all over the board, and sometimes with unjustified negative and damaging reviews from competitors, unhappy employees and people that just want to do harm. Negative reviews, unfounded or not, can make or break a business.

You can’t control the content on those sites, even when it is false and libelous — at least not without great and impractical effort and legal expense. That is where the value of the Pulse Award is found! The Pulse of the City Customer Satisfaction Award provides a straightforward, stable rating from an unbiased, independent, credible source that attests to your customer satisfaction track record! And you can ensure that they see this information by following the simple steps we have laid out for you.

This award can’t be bought. Our research is provided at no charge and posted on our website for everyone to see.

10 Steps to Success
  1. Learn why and how your business benefits from the Pulse Award Here
  2. Check out your unique Star Page and make any desired edits
  3. Learn specific resources available to you to promote your business as a Pulse Award winner Here or contact a Pulse marketing consultant at 866-732-9500 or customercare@PulseoftheCityNews.com for advice and assistance
  4. Promote your business by announcing and publicizing your award status where customers and prospects will see them Here
  5. Learn how to use your digital award images effectively and repeatedly for a low, one-time licensing cost
  6. Post the Pulse of the City Award Plaque image on your website and link it to press releases or information you send out in your advertising or marketing materials. Click here for more information on professional assistance in developing press releases and effectively placing them
  7. Display your award materials prominently for daily messaging and branding at your location
  8. Congratulate and share the award with your staff, friends and family; consider a Certificate of Appreciation or having a celebration to thank them for their contributions and let them enjoy the award, too
  9. Spread the news and distinguish your company from others by using the award and its graphics in your email signature, on social media sites and in advertisements
  10. Update your company and personal biographies to include the award

For questions or assistance in implementing our 10-step program to an even more profitable and successful business, speak with a customer care specialist at 866-732-9500.

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