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Highlighting and displaying your award for potential customers

Honoring you with its customer satisfaction award, Pulse of the City News has given you the recognition that can ignite a wave of enthusiasm among customers, potential customers, staff and the community. Promoting this honor in the right way will contribute to the development of a brand of excellence that will attract new business, build customer loyalty, and motivate staff and management.

Use what you have! You earned an award for excellence in customer satisfaction. Spread the news! From the plaque of honor to the press release, our marketing packages have all the tools you need to impress potential customers. Our customer care specialists will assist you in finding out what will work best to tell your story.

Plaque of Honor

There is no better attention-grabbing way to display your Pulse Award than in the form of the Pulse of the City Customer Satisfaction Award Plaque. The plaque is a 10” by 13” blackwood-plaque-mounted-and-framed, full-color Pulse of the City Award Winner certificate. The plaque’s inscription includes your company’s name, location, award category, star rating and year.

Protecting the certificate inside the plaque mounted framing preserves its impressive eye-catching information for years to come. Displays of a history of awards of excellence are even more impressive.

Use the plaque to display your award proudly on your wall to show that your business excels and that it places high priority on its customer service. With the Plaque of Honor you also receive a digital image of the plaque for your website, Facebook page, and other marketing materials. Using both in combination reminds existing customers of your award status and portrays it online for them and future customer prospects checking you out as well.

Appreciation Materials

We have congratulated you upon winning the Pulse of the City News Customer Satisfaction Award — who should you be congratulating and thanking? Customers, employees and referral sources!

Don’t forget the people that got you to the party! And don’t for a minute let them think you may take them for granted!

Use the Pulse Appreciation Package materials to thank individual customers with their own personalized certificate or plaque delivered to them or presented by you, and/or thank your customers generally with the standard tribute to customers certificate or plaque mounted where all will see it.

Press Release

Do you get the press coverage you want? We can make it happen!

Just like independent, credible awards are very persuasive to your customers, so is favorable media coverage. Anyone can buy an ad, but your prospects view ads and news coverage very differently. Research shows that news reports are viewed as more objective and therefore make a stronger impact on buying decisions.

You know how hard it is to get news coverage on your own. As an independent research and news source, the Pulse editorial staff is positioned to send your press release to your local and regional print and electronic media beat writers and editors, as part of their local news feed for their coverage. Your receipt of the Pulse Award is itself a newsworthy item, and can be combined by our professional staff into a telling of both your company’s award status and how you got there. Our well-written press releases also consider search engine optimization (SEO) to get the word out.

Company Profile

The Pulse of the City News staff members have a lifetime of experience publishing and consulting in the real estate, building and construction industry.

Our pros can help you identify what distinguishes you from the competition. Rarely available to small and mid-size companies on an affordable basis, these services are made accessible by Pulse to help tell your story in an effective, business-generating way using tools and methods usually reserved for larger companies with their own Marketing and PR staffs or expensive outside agencies.

Your profile will include what you want in terms of company background, mission, unique services, projects, or other matters that you consider to be your best sales items, professionally written (including professional editorial assistance in selecting and phrasing the content to your benefit) and laid out on a two-sided sheet, with one side showcasing your impressive Pulse Customer Satisfaction Award image attesting to your independently verified excellence in the eyes of your customers. The profile will also feature your company logo, emblem, signature project, or other digital files you supply to us for inclusion in the document by our professional designers and layout experts.

Contract Publishing

Ever see a really good write-up on a business? Probably, but not frequently. You don’t see it that often because most companies don’t have access to such without a dedicated professional writing/advertising staff, or an expensive outside agency. Even if you have an especially talented writer, he or she does not always know how to best position you in marketing. It’s still worthwhile to engage our pros.

Combine your knowledge of your business opportunities with our experienced building and construction industry marketing pros! Showcase your accomplishments and capabilities in interesting project case studies!

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