The nomination process:

It begins with you. We already present the most comprehensive and sound research and ratings anywhere. But it is a big world. Despite the wide net that we cast searching for deserving Stars, and as good as our rating research is, we may have missed a Star or may not have captured all the pertinent information for every potential Star. Reader nominations supplement our research process in identifying deserving Stars. Your nomination triggers our review of the nominee, or a re-review if we had previously reviewed them.

Your nomination will never hurt a company’s evaluation, and if supported by pertinent, persuasive and verifiable information, it may result in an award-level rating!

Our evaluation process:

To find our list of Stars we reviewed more than 100,000 construction and building businesses. Obviously most companies that are reviewed do not receive our Pulse of the City Star Award. Our researchers are looking for Stars all the time. At the same time we are evaluating our readers’ nominees throughout the year as they are received.

Importance of Nominations to Rising Stars:

In the dynamic building field there are always Stars in the process of being born. Rising Stars especially may first hit our radar screen through the nomination process! In the event our nomination-triggered evaluation does not result in awardee status for your nominee this year, and knowing that rising Stars are usually on an upward path in terms of traditional indicators of success that we can more easily follow, we do include that nominee in the next year’s research updates and re-evaluations.

Integrity of Star Award Ratings:

Because we value the integrity and independence of our ratings and know that others rely on them, no number of nominations in and of themselves will lead to an award — we have to verify the award-worthiness of any nominee under our standards through multiple independent sources. However, in response to a nomination, the new information you provide in the nomination is first sought to be verified and then is included in the evaluation through our established evaluation protocols.

Tips to help you prepare the strongest nomination:

We will review the information you provide in your nomination together with our separate research of your nominee’s customer satisfaction performance, using our proprietary resources and protocols. You may be aware of unique factors that we would not otherwise be able to take into account, and this can and should make a difference in any objective evaluation.

»PLEASE TELL US ABOUT special awards, recognitions or certifications that your nominee may have, especially but not limited to ones that are recent or may have not received all the press or social media coverage they deserve.

»PLEASE TELL US ABOUT innovative, different, special or unique “customer satisfaction” processes or actions that your nominee uses in enhancing their customers’ experiences.

»PLEASE TELL US ABOUT means that may help us to verify the information you provide (award-granting bodies and contact info, samples of prior media coverage, etc.) These items will help our researchers and reviewers to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of the nominee’s contributions and performance in the customer experience arena.

Disclosure Policy:

We do not disclose to the nominee that they are being or have been nominated or evaluated unless we determine that we are able to award them with a star rating of 4 or higher. If they do earn a rating of 4 stars or higher, they receive the Pulse of the City News Customer Satisfaction Award, and we notify them with our Award Letter. If you checked that box off on the nomination form, our Award Letter to the Star will notify them who nominated them. We do not otherwise post or publicize who has submitted a nomination either on the winner's Star Page or otherwise.

Our researchers collect and evaluate a wide array of data including online reviews and other sources in the process of rating businesses. The information that you provide in your nomination may include sources that were not available to or identified by our researchers. The evaluation we will perform after receiving your nomination will take into account that added data. Every 4-star or 5-star nominee will be recognized as a Pulse Award winner and will be given a Star Page with its star rating posted alongside its name.

Note re Disclosures connected to a Project of Excellence Declaration:

We do not disclose to the project owner or the participants that their project has been nominated or is being or has been evaluated for potential recognition as a Project of Excellence as a result of a nomination (we may be reviewing the project based on our own knowledge regardless of any nominations). Typically in the process of reviewing potential Projects of Excellence, we will be contacting various parties connected to the project for their information and input. However, we would be informing the project team and owner or person(s) who nominated the project in the event we declare it a Project of Excellence, if the nominee checked the applicable permission box on the nomination form.

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