How Industry Awards Can Boost Your Construction and Real Estate Business

Receiving an award or accreditation from a well-respected organization in your industry will give you a sense of pride. Plus, it will give your business great marketing opportunities. It will help cement your place as a major player in your field. And if you are in the building, construction trades, real estate, and home services industry where competition is tough an award will give you an edge over your competitors.

Boost Your Credibility and Build Customer Trust

Your credibility as a construction, real estate, or home service company is one of your key assets. And if you get recognized by industry experts for a product or service, you become more credible. Your clients will know that you deliver only the best offerings. People will associate your name and brand with customer satisfaction.

An industry award serves as an announcement that you are a professional construction company, real estate agency, or home service provider. You are no longer a small-time player in the industry since you now have a proven track record. An award comes with a responsibility to serve your customers with integrity, though. And you will need to take this responsibility seriously if you want to succeed even more.

Give You an Edge Over Your Competitors

An industry award will give your construction, real estate, or home services business a chance to stand out from your competitors. This is beneficial if you are in a crowded market and are struggling to differentiate yourself. An industry award is proof that your brand, products, or services are better than others. 

Expand Your Customer Base

Receiving an industry award will enhance your reputation with existing and potential customers.

When your customers can trust you to give them nothing but top-notch products and services, they will put in a good word for you. The happier satisfied they are with your offerings, the more likely they will recommend you.

Old customers sharing their positive experiences about you with other people is word-of-mouth marketing. This is a tried and tested form of marketing, and it influences other people’s purchasing decisions. 

Attract Potential Investors

An industry award will attract investors to your construction or real estate business. Investors prefer to invest in a company that has attained some level of success. It also looks for companies with a good track record, a loyal customer base, and excellent growth potential. An industry award will prove this.

Having new investors means more funds. With the fresh capital, you can expand your business and tap into a broader market.

Attract Opportunities and Partnerships

Other than attracting investors, an industry award will also pave the way for partnerships. It will open doors to opportunities for collaborative projects with other players in the building, construction trade, real estate, and home services industry. Receiving an award enhances your reputation and widens your reach. Other players would want to join forces with you to maximize profits. 

For instance, real estate developers look for reputable real estate agents to market their development projects. Construction companies and builders partner with construction trade companies and home services providers. 

With an industry award under your belt, you can assure potential partners that you are trustworthy and that they will stand to gain from collaborating with you. They will, in turn, work with you with confidence.

Boost Your Employees' Morale

Receiving an industry award will make your employees proud to be part of your team. Remember that any success or achievement attained by your company is always a team effort. Your employees are as much a part of it as the leaders. And as long as you always make an effort to recognize their contribution to your company’s winning an award, this will boost their morale.

Employees who are proud and happy to work with you are more productive. Job satisfaction will also reflect in the quality of your products and services. Happy employees will also stay with you longer, so you don’t have to waste company resources and time constantly finding and training replacements.

Allow You to Raise Prices

Receiving an industry award enhances your reputation and credibility as a building, construction trade, real estate, or home services company. With that, your value also goes up. Your products and services will be known for their quality. As such, you can raise your prices. Your customers will know that your brand is worth it. 

Increase Sales and Profits

All of the benefits that an industry award brings lead to increased profits. With a larger customer base, a strong reputation, and the ability to raise prices, you can expect higher sales. With this, you have a choice to channel funds toward expanding your business and widening your reach.

How to Maximize the Benefits of an Award

Customers, potential investors, and other players in the construction, real estate, and home services industry need to know that you received an award and bested your competitors. But not all awards are in mainstream news. So while an industry award will help you with different aspects of your business, you can’t expect everyone to be aware of your achievement. 

How do you make this milestone known? Here are some ways to do it:

Announce It on Your Website

Use your website to spread the word. You can list the awards and accreditations you have received through the years on your home page so that it’s one of the first things your site visitors see. 

You can also create a separate page for your industry award and highlight what that award means in your niche or field of expertise. You can talk about the process you went through to earn the award, how tough the competition and selection criteria were, and your future goals. If you have your own blog page on your site, you can write a post about your award.

Announce It on Your Social Media Pages

Most businesses now have their own pages or accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Use these pages to share the news that you’ve received an important industry award. You can post a photo and talk about the award in your caption. 

The good thing about social media is that customers and followers can engage with you, and you have a feedback mechanism. You can measure or assess the engagement your post has generated, and you will know how many people you’ve reached through it. You can see their reactions and read and reply to their comments. 

Create a Video Or Vlog

If you have video footage or video clip of the awarding ceremony, you can edit and share it on YouTube or post it as a reel on TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram. Make sure to explain what the video is about and talk about the award. You can even post a series of short clips if you want to talk about it more via Reels. Treat this as a video marketing strategy.

Publish a Press Release

You can write a press release about the exciting news of your win. Write about the award, the organization that awarded it to you, how you got selected, and what it means. 

Publish this press release on the most effective media for your industry. You could publish it online or using email newsletters, on print media like local newspapers and special construction, real estate, or home service magazines, or on selected PR sites.


If you have received an industry award from an independent organization, it is a milestone for you and your team. And don’t stop feeling proud about it; let the world know about your achievement. As a construction, building, real estate, or home service company, use the award to rise above your competitors and extend your market reach.

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