Great Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning Wins Pulse of the City News Customer Satisfaction Award

Pulse of the City News 2015 Award Winner, Great Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning

Indiana HVAC contractor earns high praise from satisfied customers and the prestigious Pulse Award for customer satisfaction.

South Bend, Ind.: With the highest possible rating of five stars, Great Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning has earned the 2015 Pulse of the City News Customer Satisfaction Award. 

Pulse of the City News is committed to finding and honoring those companies in the building and construction industry that have provided an excellent customer experience for their customers. The Pulse research team analyzes research and information gathered from many sources, including online business and consumer user-review websites, blogs, social media, business-rating services, and other credible sources, and determines a yearly rating for each company. Companies that receive the highest possible rating of 4 to 5 stars earn the Pulse Award. 

A family-owned-and-operated business today, Great Lakes Heating was initially founded in 1957 by Russ Falon. When Falon was ready to retire, he sought a new owner who would take care of his customers, as many were personal friends and family members. Since 1982, the business has been owned by the Ritter family with the desire to continue the company’s legacy. 

“We are family owned, and family comes first,” says current Owner Mike Ritter, Jr. “Everyone pulls together to serve our customers and make sure each team member also has appropriate family time.” 

Great Lakes Heating is a member of an online review service called Who in the Church, and has a strong desire to run the business based on Christian values and principles. “We are here to serve our Savior by serving those on our team and our customers,” says Ritter. “Whether you hold Christian beliefs or not, we believe you will be delighted with the service we provide based on these values. Even with thousands of customers, my wife and I believe we must always remain available to every customer. Our home and cell phone numbers are on all our business cards.” 

Great Lakes Heating’s goal is 100 percent satisfaction on repairs as well as new equipment installation. “Anyone can make promises; we put ours in writing,” says Ritter. “We value the opportunity to truly earn the fees we collect. If a customer is not 100 percent satisfied, we don’t expect to be paid until they are.” 

Ritter has empowered each member of his team to resolve any issues that arise, something he credits for bringing a new level of customer satisfaction to the industry as well as earning his business the Pulse Award. “Of course, that started with having the right people on our team,” he says. “Customers don’t like red tape to get issues resolved and team members don’t like having the issues to begin with, so the combination of having great team members providing incredible service topped with individual team member empowerment to stand behind our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee has been a win-win for everyone.” 

The company also gives back to the community. “We have a wonderful lady performing service out of a pink van to continue cancer awareness in our area,” says Ritter. A portion of that van’s proceeds is donated to River Bend Cancer Services, a local cancer support center. 

About Great Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning

Great Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning provides air conditioning, heating and electrical services, with 24-hour emergency service. It is located at 22189 State Road 23 in South Bend, Indiana. For more information, call 574-287-5046 or go online to The business can be found on Facebook at or on Twitter at

About Pulse of the City News 

Pulse of the City News dedicates itself to advancing excellence in customer service throughout the building and construction industry. We conduct research on customer experience in the industry on a rolling basis, independent of any industry participants to ensure its objectivity, using a balanced proprietary methodology of measurement. Ratings are reviewed annually and published on our website and through other means. Through The Stirling Center for Excellence, we provide training courses and other resource materials supporting increased customer service excellence. 

For more information about Pulse of the City News, call 866-732-9500 or go online to

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